Sunday, November 30, 2008

What are you waiting for?

Yeah, it's Gwen Stefani's hit What You Waitng For. And, no I will not give comments about the song. It's not even about the Harajuku Girls. It's a about the shoes she's wearing in the video. They are just to die for!

I did a small research, and I found out they're DIOR! From the Christian Dior Fall 2004 Haute Couture Collection.

Now... How do I make my MeDoll fierce + inspired by Gwen's eccentricity?

4 Letters! DKNY.

Anyway, the DKNY platforms are not very similar, but I believe that those shoes are the best substitute for this gorgeous Dior Couture shoes that Gwen wore in her video.

My suggestion: What are you waiting for? Get them, you still can.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Viktor & Rolf: Intro

OK, this is for YOU Viktor & Rolf fans (even though I am 100% positive that most of you haven't even heard of them, or if you have, you still don't really like them). I know for sure that I am a huge fan of the designer duo, and if you're not, I hope I'll change your mind.

Viktor & Rolf is an Amsterdam-based fashion brand, founded designers Viktor Horsting and Rolf Snoeren. Its fashion is very creative and original, some people even consider it Couture. From, unusal metallics, monochromatic-clown-inspired pieces of clothing, to oversized 3-dimensional letters in the Fall 2008 collection. Here are some pictures from it:

Expect more Viktor & Rolf - connected posts this week. You'll love 'em!

Even their site is amazing. You HAVE TO see it, by clicking here.

By the way, please comment!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

The Sales! Nov. 25

Yeah, it's that time of the month where we have the SALES!

I must say that there are some pretty good finds for your closet. Take the trench coat for example. It's a timeless piece that is never out of style. Too bad for me, I am a non-superstar + broke! But, for those who aren't, better start shopping! The sales won't last forever.

Fashionable "Heiress" (at least for now)

I bet everyone has already heard of BeverlyHillsHei (BHH), or should I say Ashley, the rich, popular heiress from Beverly Hills, California. Even though I don't really buy all that crap about her being all that rich, popular or whatever, but who am I to judge. After all, this is a FASHION blog, not a gossip one. Now, moving on the the subject of this post.

I just went to her suite, and I was pleasently surprised! She looked so chic. Even though, there are so many others that dress much much better, I had to feature this , because I think that this look is better then most of her other looks. Is she going in the right direction, or not? We will see.

The new shoes from the new Alberta Ferretti line, are to die for! Trust me.

Monday, November 24, 2008

Beauty: Chanel Fall 2008 Haute Couture

All of us have dreams... Some want to be lawyers, some want to be fashion designers, some want to be teachers. Well, if any of you want to be models for Karl Lagerfeld's iconic brand, Chanel, today's your lucky day. Don't get all excited, you won't model for Chanel! You can just get the look of the models from the Fall 2008 Couture collection of Chanel. Ready?

This is a beauty post!
OK, here we go.

Step 1.

The first thing to do, is to select a hairstyle very similar to the hairstyles from the runway. I selected these three.

1. I certainly believe that the first hairstyle is the most similar to the hairstyle from the fashion show. I chose this haircolor, because it's very close to the one that the model has (but, you don't really have to use this haircolor).

2. The second hairstyle is for those that prefer a look that is a bit more messy, but I wouldn't really suggest it to anyone. After all, it's Chanel. It's not supposed to be messy.

3. The third hairstyle can also be used to represent the one from the picture even though it's not that same.

I selected hairstyle #1. From now on, I will be using that one in the following pictures.

Step 2.

Step 2, is for choosing the lipstick. We can all see that, the model is using a soft and neutal pink tone for her lips. So, it was an easy desicion to select the perfect lipstick. Even, you don't even need to spend a Stardollar on it. It can be found in the Styling Studio. Here is it:

Step 3.

It's make-up time!

Use the black Sephora Eyepencil, but to get the look shown below, use it only in the middle of the eye. Don't use it on the sides.

By using the blue Sephora eyeshadow, you can get the look below. Use it only around the eyes, and don't go up to the eyebrows.

Now, get the dark grey eyeshadow (not the black one from Kat Von D), and apply it over the blue one.

The result is just amazing!

Red Power!

The redheads on Stardoll are so hard to find. Seriously! They are an endangered species. But, I was lucky enough to find a few...

Hot Redhead #1: Me! Erin! (NYLily)
(Picture taken in Erin's cool orange fashion room)

There really isn't much to say about me. I gave you the basics... Moving on to Hot Redhead #2.

Hot Redhead #2: Lauren! (melissa54321)

Well, there really isn't much to say about this redhead. Her name is Lauren, she's 16, and she's a fellow New Yorker.

Unfortunatelly, I couldn't find more. Redheads are probably the rarest on Stardoll. But, as I remember, popular socialites such as Ellie (fakeshake3), Tyler (tylerisbomb), Selena (Model-Selena), and Mary (writemarycat) were seen with red hair on their heads. Too bad they aren't red any more... :(

The hunt for redheads continues...

Hello! What's up?

Hey everyone. I guess that this is supposed to be the first post of my blog, where I am supposed to introduce myself to my soon-to-be loyal readers. To be honest, I am terrible (and when I say terrible), I really mean it. I really don't know what to say... Ummm, I am Erin, 15 years old, from The Big Apple. At least I gave you the basics!

Here's a little more. Well, as every second girl on Stardoll, I am obsessed with fashion. So I decided to start this blog dressed like this. It was actually hard to pick a look, since I want to impress all of you.

And just like that, my MeDoll was standing in the suite in her bra and panties, looking for the perfect look.

I was so uninspired to start creating the outfit, but looking for the perfect pair of shoes could definitely inspire me, or at least get me in the right direction. And I found them. A pair of very futuristic and chic Pucci platforms. Aren't they delicious?

So, now that I had THE shoes, finding the perfect look would be easy, because perfect shoes = perfect look. Unfortunatelly, I made so many looks, that I didn't like at all. :(. Red dress + red hair looked to matchy-matchy, while black and white was a little overdone on Stardoll. I had to be original.

(Sorry for the purple/pink stuff on the picture)

In the end I ended up dressed up in a sequined hot pink DKNY t-shirt, black glittery leggings from DKNY and a pair of black booties. Yeah, I look awesome next to the chihuahua on the left. And it sucks that I didn't wear my perfect shoes, but these still make me happy.