Sunday, December 28, 2008

Who Missed Who?

I feel ashamed for not posting in such a long time but I was beyond busy.So into the theme,I was browsing through stardoll suites when a very simple but clever look caught my eye!
Woman-In-White created a winter chic outfit I personally adore.
Nice to see some fashionistas that aren't "elite".
What do you think of this simple but awesome outfit?

Let's Party!

I am 100 % positive that all of you know this but, I am going to post it anyway:

Fever (Fever_Cole) invites all of you to the Le Chambre's Diamant Champagne Gala, a very prestigeous and really formal event. I know I am excited. This Gala begins on 7 January 2009, at 5.00 pm EST. Wear something formal.

Here's Fever's invitation:

- Le Chambre's Diamant Champagne Gala -

When: January 7th 2009 at 5:00 EST until whenever.
Where: Fever_Cole's Guestbook
Why: To enjoy the finer things in life.
Wear: Formal Attire
Tell: Everyone

xo - Fev

Unusual Beauty!

Oh, I get so satisfied when I see a beautiful MeDoll that doesn't look like any other. And definitely this 15 year old girl from Turkey, guncem (I don't even know her name), is very pretty. See for yourself:

And, she's a Covergirl!
Finally, some pretty Covergirls!

Friday, December 26, 2008

New Beyonce!

Yeah, Beyonce's new videos - Diva and Halo. you can watch both videos below.

I love the sunglasses in Diva!


I Heart Marc Jacobs

Don't you just love Marc Jacobs's designs. I know, I do! And, I am sure as hell that Kasia (UndamyUmbrellla) and Lou (xLou26) both love his designs, since both of them are sporting the freshly-released Marc Jacobs dress with heart details.

Both of them wear the dress diferently. Kasia went for a more complicated look that contrasts Lou's simplicty.
Here's the original:
Well, what do you think... Who wears the Marc Jacobs gown best?
Kasia or Lou?
Vote & (Please, I am beggin' you to) Comment!

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Beauty: Alexander McQueen Fall 2007 Ready-to-Wear

Let's face it, all of us have adored British designer Alexander McQueen's creative fashion. Even me! Alexander McQueen's Fall 2007 Ready-to-Wear collection was inspired by witchcraft, paganism... So, ever wanted to resemble the look of one of the models that modeled the collection? If yes, now's the time.

The model I am going to steal the look from is Vlada Roslyakova.

I love how the make-up looks on her. I am jealous.

Step 1.

Getting the right hairstyle.

Getting the right hairstyle can be tricky, because Stardoll definitely hasn't provided me with enough hairstyles. The one on the right is the closest to Vlada's. In order to start recreating the look, you have to remove all of the make-up. Just like I did. (Picture above)

Step 2.

Bold & Big eyebrows! (No, they aren't like Ugly Betty's)

I am sure you noticed from the picture that the model's eyebrows are a little bold and more dramatic. From all the eyebrows Stardoll offered me, I selected these. If you don't like them, use ones that you like better.

Step 3.

Make-up time!

Start by using this, but use it gently in the beginning of the eyes. It looks much better this way. After all, my goal isn't Cleopatra, it's McQueen. I agree, this detail maybe is Clepatra-esque, and it does have an Egyptian essence, but again, we're making McQueen.

The next step is to apply a little from the teal-blue-aqua eyeshadow. After you do that, grab the dark grey eyeshadow, and apply it over the previously applied teal-blue-aqua eyeshadow, and after that apply even some more of the teal-blue-aqua eyeshadow.

The result is as good as the original. I love the BOLD make-up.

See for yourself, and enjoy!

Friday, December 19, 2008

Hot Trends Exploded!

Dormant for over three decades,purple is coming back!Vivid tints or not,it's the latest trend to follow - Or so they say!

So here come The Hot Trends :

Long lashes go perfectly with that dark purple shade and create a magnificent result.

What's more,vibrant orange is a huge hit at the runway shows.Yes,us paperdolls need some vivid colours!

Who doesn't like eyeliner?Orangade chic is one of the easiest ways to impress with your make-up skills.

Don't you love kissable lips?Matching a flashy fuchsia lipstick with some icey pink can make your lips look amazing.

And last but not least,mitchmatch ice queen has never been out of fashion!With some silver sparkly accessories,necklaces and shiny headbands you can have this perfect effect down for your doll.

What do you think?Remember to leave a comment giving your opinion!

Designer Dina!

Dina (Verojun), is definitely a must-feature, so I did that. She has an awesome style, and has a lot of designing skills. See for yourself in the picture below, or in her suite (by clicking here).

Now that you saw the incredible designs from Dina, let's focus on her outfit. I honestly think that it's fabulously fashionable. The pants are a little risky, but she's definitely rockin' then. The outfit lacks a little colour, but it's s undoubtedly fab.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

More Is The New Less!

Hello and let me introduce myself - My name is Fay, I'm 15, from Greece.I'd like to thank Erin (NYLily) for letting me try out my skills as a guest writer. So, that's my banner which was made in a great rush so it's not that good and it's gonna be usued temporary.

I decided to talk about a new trend that keeps developing.'Less' has been promoted by many fashion brands and gurus with the advice to keep our outfits 'simple'. Well, after the endless Dior Haute Couture gowns very few people are lucky enough to own, this trend has officialy arrived to Stardoll!

Personally,I adore Haute Couture for the extraordinairy materials,shapes & designs that make each piece of clothing unique.But anyways that wasn't the aim of this post.
Like every single fashion trend,there are some tips not to overdo the result deadly.In this case,I'd like to add one tip:Make sure that the colours added match.If the colours used on the outfits are bohemian adding flashy shades won't look the least good (Why can't we be honest with ourselves?)

One person that has always been rocking the trend is Steelone,with her last outfit pictured below.

The effect is creative,extraordinairy & really artistic.

What's more,Galliano is love!Using unbelievable imagination makes the least boring pieces of clothing ever seen!

Do you support the look?

more is the new less.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Check this out!

Now, that I am getting some extra help with the blog, I need a banner, or header, or whatever you call it.


I decided to wear this DKNY dress because it's HOT, and looks so good on me.

Sophistication - 101

What a beautiful all black ensamble! Really. I mean, just look at it. It's flawless.

Kasia (UndamyUmbrellla) is totally rockin' this all-black look she created for herself. I love every single detail of the look. The turtleneck, the gown, even the beautiful thin elegant semi-shiny belt.

It's G-O-R-G-E-O-U-S!

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Make-Up Extrodinaire

I never really though that I would find anything like this, but yeah, I did. I had never seen a person on to try to have an edgy, avant-garde look. Everyone's MeDoll is pretty-pretty (as Tyra Banks would say). Well, I believe that's about to change.

As I was checking out suites, came a across a girl (whose name I don't even know, just the username) N1mka4eva. Her look is so edgy, avant-garde, Haute Couture, original, creative, even with a traditional twist! I love the Geisha-inspired look.

Edgy is IN! Plus, is not boring at all.

I need contributors!!!

Hey everyone, I need some help with my blog.

So, do you want to be a contributor?

If so, mail me about it.

Mel's Romantic Elegance

Oh, I just love Mel's (bluegreen86) fashion sense. It's so not that everyday look, we are able to see everywhere.

At the moment, Mel is sporting a very elegant ensamble, in more than just one romantic color. The gown is simply stunning. The crystals, the flowy material. It's just simple FAB! The selection of the colors is awesome. I love the pinkish with the silver. Maybe all girls from New Zealand have an awesome fashion sense, and enormous creativity.

Nice work!

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Poll Results: Bad Girl Trend

A few days ago (or maybe it was last week?), I posted this blog's FIRST poll, and it was up to you to decide who rocks the Bad Girl trend better? You were supposed to choose between Ellie (fakeshake3) and Selena (Model-Selena)

You chose...


The editor-in-chief of one of Stardoll's best-known teen magazines, Teen Style, totally rocked the Bad Girl trend. This freshly-dyed redhead (Red Power!) looked awesome starting with the hat, the ruffled skirt designed by Donna Karan for her DKNY brand, finishing up with the rock-star gloves, and the studded cuff. And, I adore the masculine-inspired shoes.

Out of 71 people, 40 voted for her, while the rest prefered Ellie's look.

Keep checking for our next poll. You will maybe be in it.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Wanna be on top?

Ah, I just love watching America's Next Top Model, because I love to see Tyra making a fool of herself. It's so fun to watch. Anyway, there are hundreds of Top Model contests, but unfortunatelly, they are all boring and uninspiring.

As I was going through some of the clubs of people I know, I saw a club - SNTM.XX. I said to myself that this was just as most contest, but I was wrong. The weekly challenges are very original and creative. So, I knew I had to feature this. I had a interview with the show's host and creator Blair (itgonnarain), and its judges Kasia (Undamyumbrellla) and Mell (bluegreen86).

Hi Blair. I am glad you accepted our offer to do the interview. First of all, can you tell me what inspired you the most to create this contest, Stardoll's Next Top Model? Were the modeling contests such as America's Next Top Model, Australia's Next Top Model, Germany's Next Top Model, or even Canada's Next Top Model, or just your huge passion for models and fashion?

Blair: When I created the Stardoll's Next Top Model contest, I was inspired by fashion and the creative things you can do with modelling. Obviously America's Next Top Model, Australia's Next Top Model, and other similar shows have had a huge influence in how the competition is organized. I was also inspired by the amazing things stardoll members were doing with their sceneries, and how they styled their medolls...there just has to be a competition for that!

Hi Kasia! Your passion for modeling and fashion, is clearly relflected in your position as a judge in Blair's (itgonnarain) modeling contest - Stardoll's Next Top Model. Before we focus on the contest and your position in it, please share your favorite designers, favorite models, fashion inspirations, with us.

Kasia: Oh, well I have a lot of favorites. I really love designers such as Marc Jacobs, Karl Lagerfeld for Fendi, Christopher Kane, and John Galliano. They all have such unique styles that reflect in their designs every season. As for my favorite models - I love Irina Lazareanu, Sasha Pivovarova, Agyness Deyn, and Freja Beha Erichsen.

Mell, before we start talking about the modeling contest, please share your favorite fashion inspirations, models, designers... I am sure that everyone has noticed the picture of Jourdan Dunn in your presentation, so I believe she's your favorite. Can you name a few more models that you like, other than her?

Mell: Well hm I am inspired but almost anything in everyday life, but sometimes I am inspired by things that are not necessarily beautiful. I find inspiration in things like those because I love turning things into something with beauty, and I love changing something. Some of my favorite designers are Balenciaga, Badgley Mischka, Erin Fetherston, and I love Versace. I love Jourdan Dunn she is a huge role model to me, and other mdoels I love are doutzen kroes, Chanel Iman, Hilary rhoda, and then icons that I love who are models are like Naomi, and Iman!

What do you like about your position as a judge in the contest?

Kasia: Oh, I think it's a lot of fun. I think itgonnarain comes up with some of the best challenges, and it's always fun to share my opinions. I have competed in a competition ran by itgonnarain early this summer, and this fall (when she started this new competition), I returned as a judge.

Mell: I personally love the position because I was in Itgonnarain's first modeling club a while back, and I actually won it, so I can relate to the girls and I know what it takes to win this competition. I also try to see potential in girls and try to see the rare beautys, as does itgonnarain. I love seeing a flower blossom!

Can you describe in a few words, what you consider the perfect winner of Stardoll's Next Top Model?

Mell: I think the winner of SNTM should be someone who every girl can look up to and admire. Someone who can get up when their down and go beyond obstacles in their way. I want someone with passion and someone who is dedicated. Of course I want them to have amazing style, poise, manners, the looks, and a fresh face but those are only some of the traits I want them to have.

Kasia: The winner of Stardoll's Next Top Model should be passionate, stylish, beautiful and most of all unique. One of the main things the judges look for is someone who is fresh, and different from most girls. Our last winner, Siamesecatlover, does not have the traditional model look, and that's why we liked her so much. She was very unique, and it reflected in the way she dressed her medoll and in her gorgeous sceneries.

And, the final question - who comes up with the ideas for the challenges? Just Blair, or all the judges?

Kasia: Well, Blair makes them up. However, if any of the judges feel inspired - or have an idea, we know that Blair will listen to them.

Mell: Blair thinks up most of them! I have a modeling club which I started because Blair inspired me, and sometimes we use eachother's challenges but with permission. The challenges usually come from Balir's head though she has wonderful ideas, and I love seeing what she will think up next!

Blair: The perfect SNTM winner would be someone who is unique, a good role model, stylish, and stunning of course. It is important to be yourself and have fun because then your style and what makes you unique will shine through.

Can you tell me when do Cycle 3 Auditions start?

Blair: After Cycle 2 is over. It will be posted in a top spot discussion so if you're in the club, you will be notified.

Monday, December 8, 2008

The Music Is Updated!

Yeah! There are new songs in the playlist!


As much as I adore the colour BLACK, I am so tired of all the all-black uber-sophisticated looks that Stardoll members are sporting at the moment.

Luckily, two very well-known Stardoll members (even rivals), were spotted sporting a same trend. The Bad Girl trend! This way, the colour black has a whole new meaning.

The Bad Girl trend comes with a lot of black, a lot of leather, studs, and an attitude.

Who rocks the trend better?

You decide.

Selena or Ellie?

Friday, December 5, 2008

The Limited Edition Collection

As the Stardoll Staff says - The Limited Edition Collection is for Fashion Leaders who set the trends that others follow.

I honestly believe that Stardoll really worked hard on these fashions. They seem very well-made and very detailed. The trends included in the Limited Edition Fashion Collection includes the following trends: Sequins, Studs, Zippers and Bold Colors.

The Sequins trend is very popular, especially among the younger generation. The light plum-colored sequined tights are very cool and edgy, while the black sequined dress is not really that fabulous. It's actually ugly. The shoes that the model is wearing are so chic, so you'd probably make the right choice by buying them. I am also a fan of the cape, which is very original, quirky, and it is definitely eye-catching.

Moving on to the next trend, that is the Studs trend. I have been a follower of this friend since Fall 2007. Even though this trend is perfect for any rock girls, with an edgier fashion sense, it can look great even with your everyday look. I am a fan of all pieces, especially the boots, the pants and the bag. I cannot select a favorite.

The Zippers trend is very interesting. I really like the purple-pink shift dress with zipper details, and the ankle boots. But as a personal favorite from this trend, I'd have to say that the cut-out black leggings are definitely the perfect investment. They are very chic.

The final trend, the Bold Colors, even though they aren't really that bold, but that doesn't make them uncool. As a favorite, I select the skirt and the high heels. The rest, is just boring.

Here's a preview of the LE (Limited Edition) store:

In the pictures above, you were able to see just a part of the whole collection. Here is the whole LE collection.

Now that you have seen the whole collection, and my opinions on it, I decided to ask a few Stardoll users on what do they think of the question itself. I asked them the following questions:

1. What do you think of the Limited Edition Fashion Collection?
2. Which one of the chosen trends do you like most? Why?
3. Are the fashions a good investment?
4. Did you buy any of them?
5. How do these pieces of clothing reflect on your everyday style?

Let us begin with Greek fashionisa, and former Eternity director (is she back in Eternity?) Fay (fayasi) and her thoughs on the collection.

I like the Limited Edition collection but I think of it as a it overpriced. It's Haute Couture. I like the sequins trend the most. The tights are uber stylish - So are the tops! In my opinion those clothes will be appreciated by people who REALLY like fashion. To the others, I'd advise to spend their money on something else... Or if they don't like the clothes. I bought most of them and spent about 1000 Stardollars on the purchase. The final is a tough question. Hmmmm, I think they actually do reflect on my style because they're kinda glamorous & risky...
California heiress, Ashley (BeverlyHillsHei) was the second to share her opinion on the trends and the collection.

I love it!! It's edgy and young and fresh. It's what Stardoll needs. But it sucks that they have to be limited. Cause you know every girl is gonna be fighting to get it ... including myself. I wouldn't be affraid to break some knee caps just to get what I want. Hmm .... that's a tough one.I really REALLY like the sequins trend, the bold colors trend, and the studs trend. I can't choose a favorite out of those 3. I like the sequins because what girl doesn't like sequins?? It makes something stand out!! I really like the bold colors cause again ... it makes you stand out. I love the studs because it's edgy and rocker chic which I just love that trend right now!! Any piece of clothing is a good investment cause you never know when it is gonna come back in style or if something is gonna be classic and timeless. I bought a shirt. It's edgy. And I always try to be edgy.

Here are Ella's (rock-princess3o) thoughts.

I Think it's Nice, But too Expensive. Stardoll are doing it for the Money. If there is a Rare Collection then you want to buy more and then you have to Get More Stardollers. Its all A Scandal. I Like the Ripped Leggings as they are the Cheapest of the Range and Look Very Rockstar Chic. I Bought them Because Again they where the Cheapest and Also I Have a pair in Real Life. I Like Many Of them but they are very Couture and Fancy Gala whereas I Like to go For Different Looks Each Day So Maybe Once In a while I Would Wear them.

Next is, modelxdior.

I thought it was an amazing idea. I prefered the stud collection because it will last for a long time. The collections are an amazing investment, who knows how much they will be worth next year. These reflect every day style because no matter what mood you are in there will be one peice to fit your fancy.

Rhiann (Welsh_witch) has an interesting point of view.

I get the whole angle they were going for, but I think Stardoll is trying way too hard to tap into the whole 'rares' craze. The prices are ridiculous, I dont see how they ever thought this was a good idea. My favourite trend is the studded ankle boots. These are the ones i would wear in real life - although Im not a big fan of the matching jacket, the boots are crazy hot. I dont think these clothes are a good investment at all. The point of them was that they are rare, only a certain number will be sold, but its recently been noticed that Stardoll keep restocking them - so now they are just insanely expensive clothesI havent bought any of them, and I doubt I will. I think paying real money for one item of virtual clothing is a rip-off. These clothes dont really reflect my personal style in everyday life, but I guess thats the point of Stardoll. That you can wear clothes you wouldnt normally, you can experiment with your style.

Keisha (snapple2), writer for Stardoll Fashion Forward.

I love all of the pieces...They are all so colorful and fit me very well. I really like the studded trend. Because its like a Punk Rocker type trend and I am all for it. I think some of them are...But others I have seen similar stuff in Starplaza before for much cheaper! Yes, I bought the white LE dress fr 75sd. They reflect my everyday style because I try and make my outfits coloful for the most part, but the studded trend is dark, and has a Punk type theme to it, but I love that as well!

The new Star Awards host, Jennifer (jeremyn2005)

I think the LE collection is really cute and modern. It fits for all style, you can mix and match it with other pieces for any look. I like all of the trends, I couldn't pick just one. I do have favorites though, first of all the Stud Jacket, the Zipper Dress, Pom Pom Jacket, and the Black Sequin Cut Out dress. I think they are a good investment because one item could be worn every season. If you buy a top that could be worn every season, your're saving money from buying a new top over and over. I bought three currently. I still have 300 SD and might buy more. These pieces reflect on my everyday style because as I said before, they are wearable for any outfit.

I think that it's a nice collection, but It is quite overpriced. I like the short jacket the most. I didn't buy any of them, I'd rather buy more clothes from the other brands! & the clothes are nothing like my everyday style, to be honest. That is one of the reasons why I didn't buy any.
And finally, Sephora (Carla.nr1).

I think the prices are ridiculous!! I love the trend with the studs, becouse it can be chic and like a rockchick. For stardoll it's a good investment, cuz they'll get rich! I'm absolutaly not gonna buy a thing! it ain't even real clothes. and cyber-clothes ain't worth 100 sd!! The jackets and the highheels are exactly my style. I got similar clothes in reallife.