Friday, December 19, 2008

Hot Trends Exploded!

Dormant for over three decades,purple is coming back!Vivid tints or not,it's the latest trend to follow - Or so they say!

So here come The Hot Trends :

Long lashes go perfectly with that dark purple shade and create a magnificent result.

What's more,vibrant orange is a huge hit at the runway shows.Yes,us paperdolls need some vivid colours!

Who doesn't like eyeliner?Orangade chic is one of the easiest ways to impress with your make-up skills.

Don't you love kissable lips?Matching a flashy fuchsia lipstick with some icey pink can make your lips look amazing.

And last but not least,mitchmatch ice queen has never been out of fashion!With some silver sparkly accessories,necklaces and shiny headbands you can have this perfect effect down for your doll.

What do you think?Remember to leave a comment giving your opinion!


Dora said...

Faab :)

Anonymous said...

love the pink lips