Saturday, December 13, 2008

Make-Up Extrodinaire

I never really though that I would find anything like this, but yeah, I did. I had never seen a person on to try to have an edgy, avant-garde look. Everyone's MeDoll is pretty-pretty (as Tyra Banks would say). Well, I believe that's about to change.

As I was checking out suites, came a across a girl (whose name I don't even know, just the username) N1mka4eva. Her look is so edgy, avant-garde, Haute Couture, original, creative, even with a traditional twist! I love the Geisha-inspired look.

Edgy is IN! Plus, is not boring at all.


Anonymous said...

wow i love that

Dora said...

Fab! And I love the way she put the Jordache top under the AF dress!

Anonymous said...

Wow, I feel special :]
N1amk4eva loves youu!