Thursday, December 18, 2008

More Is The New Less!

Hello and let me introduce myself - My name is Fay, I'm 15, from Greece.I'd like to thank Erin (NYLily) for letting me try out my skills as a guest writer. So, that's my banner which was made in a great rush so it's not that good and it's gonna be usued temporary.

I decided to talk about a new trend that keeps developing.'Less' has been promoted by many fashion brands and gurus with the advice to keep our outfits 'simple'. Well, after the endless Dior Haute Couture gowns very few people are lucky enough to own, this trend has officialy arrived to Stardoll!

Personally,I adore Haute Couture for the extraordinairy materials,shapes & designs that make each piece of clothing unique.But anyways that wasn't the aim of this post.
Like every single fashion trend,there are some tips not to overdo the result deadly.In this case,I'd like to add one tip:Make sure that the colours added match.If the colours used on the outfits are bohemian adding flashy shades won't look the least good (Why can't we be honest with ourselves?)

One person that has always been rocking the trend is Steelone,with her last outfit pictured below.

The effect is creative,extraordinairy & really artistic.

What's more,Galliano is love!Using unbelievable imagination makes the least boring pieces of clothing ever seen!

Do you support the look?

more is the new less.

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Corraco said...

Nice to know someone else is gonna contribute maybe now there will be more post (hint,hint). Well anyways maybe yoiu should find some unown fashionistas to put on your blog most of the medolls photos that are put on this blog are "famous". But just to tell you I am not talking about me...