Thursday, December 11, 2008

Poll Results: Bad Girl Trend

A few days ago (or maybe it was last week?), I posted this blog's FIRST poll, and it was up to you to decide who rocks the Bad Girl trend better? You were supposed to choose between Ellie (fakeshake3) and Selena (Model-Selena)

You chose...


The editor-in-chief of one of Stardoll's best-known teen magazines, Teen Style, totally rocked the Bad Girl trend. This freshly-dyed redhead (Red Power!) looked awesome starting with the hat, the ruffled skirt designed by Donna Karan for her DKNY brand, finishing up with the rock-star gloves, and the studded cuff. And, I adore the masculine-inspired shoes.

Out of 71 people, 40 voted for her, while the rest prefered Ellie's look.

Keep checking for our next poll. You will maybe be in it.

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