Saturday, December 20, 2008

Beauty: Alexander McQueen Fall 2007 Ready-to-Wear

Let's face it, all of us have adored British designer Alexander McQueen's creative fashion. Even me! Alexander McQueen's Fall 2007 Ready-to-Wear collection was inspired by witchcraft, paganism... So, ever wanted to resemble the look of one of the models that modeled the collection? If yes, now's the time.

The model I am going to steal the look from is Vlada Roslyakova.

I love how the make-up looks on her. I am jealous.

Step 1.

Getting the right hairstyle.

Getting the right hairstyle can be tricky, because Stardoll definitely hasn't provided me with enough hairstyles. The one on the right is the closest to Vlada's. In order to start recreating the look, you have to remove all of the make-up. Just like I did. (Picture above)

Step 2.

Bold & Big eyebrows! (No, they aren't like Ugly Betty's)

I am sure you noticed from the picture that the model's eyebrows are a little bold and more dramatic. From all the eyebrows Stardoll offered me, I selected these. If you don't like them, use ones that you like better.

Step 3.

Make-up time!

Start by using this, but use it gently in the beginning of the eyes. It looks much better this way. After all, my goal isn't Cleopatra, it's McQueen. I agree, this detail maybe is Clepatra-esque, and it does have an Egyptian essence, but again, we're making McQueen.

The next step is to apply a little from the teal-blue-aqua eyeshadow. After you do that, grab the dark grey eyeshadow, and apply it over the previously applied teal-blue-aqua eyeshadow, and after that apply even some more of the teal-blue-aqua eyeshadow.

The result is as good as the original. I love the BOLD make-up.

See for yourself, and enjoy!


Anonymous said...

i love it so much!!!

Joanna! said...

I am amazed. I love Alexander McQueen.



xoxo Jo

Corraco said...

Finaly you guys are are improving!